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Neu Capital Africa Interview – Nielsen Network

In this interview with Mark Taylor, Bronwyn Nielsen asks him about how Neu Capital Africa is engaged to raise R4bn in just over 18 months in the private capital space across Africa.

The Changing Capital Raising Landscape in South Africa – Webinar

Neu Capital became a part of the Cobra Consortium which is a Pro bono service to South African businesses in distress to co-ordinate bank, government and stakeholder support through a structured business rescue process. Neu Capital has been involved as a capital matching platform and has taken part in several webinars, please see an example […]

Property Market in Sub-Saharan Africa – Prospects Post Covid-19

When Jim Morrison said “Break on through – to the other side” he could quite easily have been singing about Covid-19 and the property industry in 2020. It is impossible to make accurate predictions about the direction of real estate in the present environment. Add to this the segmentation of the industry – retail, industrial, residential, commercial/office plus the various category divisions within those segments plus the geographical and micro location of the asset and one can easily see that sweeping comments are inappropriate.

Neu Capital Africa’s First Webinar

Watch Neu Capital Africa’s first webinar about the changing nature of the investor landscape in Africa. This webinar was run and interviewed by Rob Hersov (S-Biz/ Invest Africa) and, hosted by Ideas Cartel.

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