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Built for Corporate Advisors

Neu Capital Africa is an online marketplace for alternative capital transactions. For debt and equity deals in the $5m-$50m range we instantly connect your capital raising or sell-side opportunity with sophisticated mid-market investors (Private Equity, Family Offices, Mezzanine and Credit Funds). We host the deal from introductions to term sheets with the final negotiations completed offline.

Neu Capital Africa takes care of all administrative aspects of deal management (teaser distribution, NDA process etc.) allowing advisors to focus on more value added and profitable work. Also, through our process you will naturally expand your investor network through the funds we introduce to your opportunity. You can then use these investors for future deals whether they are on the Neu Capital Africa platform or not.

The Process

Neu Capital Africa has revolutionised the mid market capital raising process:

1. Teasers and cold calls are replaced by an online marketplace that instantly pushes your Opportunity out to a diverse range of investors. Importantly, confidentiality and control is retained throughout. Only investors you approve are granted access to your secure data room.

2. The Information Memorandum is replaced by a neutrally toned accounting report. This is prepared in line with Neu Capital guidelines, designed to efficiently address investor questions. We also provide a video production crew to complete a management presentation. This ensures advisers and the company can position the business to maximise interest.

3. Break Fees and Exclusivity are minimised. By providing investors access to credible standardised information via a seamless online interface, we are able to ensure that more investors will provide well informed indicative offers.

4. Flexibility is retained. We recognize that every deal is unique, once introductions have been made and Indicative offers are received, Neu Capital Africa gets out of the way allowing the adviser to steer the client to a successful outcome.

Key Benefits


Our technology hosts your process from match making to term sheets, freeing you up to run more deals. No need for dozens of time consuming (and often wasted) coffee meetings.


Neu Capital Africa has an unparalleled range of African and foreign investors on-board across Family Offices, Private Equity, Credit/Mezzanine Funds and Financial Institutions. Maintain your investor relationships while building new ones through our network.


Neu Capital Africa provides investors a seamless user experience at no cost. This ensures more investors will provide indicative offers without insisting on exclusivity or break fees.


Only investors specifically chosen by you can access the company’s confidential information, rejected investors never even find out the company’s identity.

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